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Engagement Surveys… hello from Lincoln, NE

Boston has been hammered by snow this month. Just under 5 feet so far in February for a winter total of 8 feet (2.5 meters). However, I have managed to escape for a few respites. I was with a customer in California about 10 days ago and in Lincoln, Nebraska last week. Almost no snow left on the ground in Lincoln and temperatures hovering just around freezing.

The IBM team in Lincoln has a long history and a deep involvement with survey research. Specifically, they create and implement engagement surveys for companies. They measure employee engagement and make recommendations on how to improve productivity by improving engagement. We have done over 30 million surveys in the last 10 years, about 7 million last year.  We have done this work in over 140 different languages. We maintain a normative database that allows our customers to calibrate their results against those of other companies both inside and outside their industry segments.

Our core development  team in Lincoln started working together in 1999.  In those days, we primarily processed paper surveys.  The printers were on the first floor and there were times where our current development managers, who were entry level developers at the time, would “man” the printer by replacing ink or filling paper, and have the horrible task of throwing away thousands of paper surveys if there were ever a mistake found after printing had begun. Their jobs are very different today.

Today we are integrating IBM’s analytical tools with our survey software and normative database. We are using the cognitive capabilities of Watson analytics to explore survey results and drive new insights from surveys and/or normative data. We are replacing a lot of ‘manual labor’ with tools that allow us to gain insight in real time and help our customers get a more accurate and up-to-date view of their workforce and take corrective actions more quickly. More statistics and algorithms than paper and ink.  Here’s a preview of the new mobile experience. We’ve come a long way from paper….

Engagement_survey_mobile2Engagement survey_mobile

Check out some of our videos on engagement surveys on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffIljvm2DqI