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The Next Generation of HR and Talent Systems

I’ve invited Stefan Liesche, one of our Distinguished Engineers to talk about our Kenexa Open HR strategy , our new framework, the Kenexa Open UX Toolkit  and how this will impact the future of HR technology.


Exciting times for Talent Management Solutions! The IT Technology Landscape is rapidly evolving and undergoing change,  A new generation of solutions and innovations is entering the HR and Talent Management arena fueled by the next generation of mobile applications, cloud based solutions designed for security and social interactions, and deeper insights through data driven analytics solutions. These new applications deliver a whole new set of capabilities that were previously impossible to realize. The latest evolution in HR Tech will drive new opportunities that will evolve the workforce. These new, emerging solutions are third generation HR solutions that are not ported to the cloud, but born in the cloud.  HR departments are being faced with the need to not only support and integrate multiple existing systems, but also leverage new innovations that best support the needs of their workforce.  Only an open framework can build best-in-class solutions and deliver world class experiences to the workforce. This framework needs to be flexible and adaptable so employees, managers and HR professionals can benefit from the latest innovations.

Open talent suite

The combination of small, agile innovations and large, long established solutions requires a new approach to support HR leaders.
Key requirements include an open system that supports the following:
– Large and small solutions,
– Strategic partnerships and entrepreneurs
– Rapid change to support and energize fast innovation.
– Openness for new and emerging concepts.
– Leveraging existing standards and technologies for easy and efficient entry.
The obvious advantage of such a system is that it not only supports existing solutions but also provides a strategic platform for future growth and enablement. HR Leaders will want the ability to select components best suited to their needs and have the flexibility to consume new, innovative disruptive solutions, some of which don’t yet exist.

So why does that matter, and why am I writing about this? I wanted to share my thoughts and views as we unveil the next generation of the IBM Talent Suite which offers an Open Framework: A new, unified approach to HR solutions and systems.  The Kenexa Open HR ecosystem enables the integration of multiple solutions on the backend and the delivery of a consistent user experience on the front-end for all employees, managers and HR professionals. There is also a new Kenexa Open UX Toolkit to benefit customers, business partners and solution vendors alike providing the tools and platform to build new, innovative solutions.

HR leaders are no longer locked in to one solution with one vendor. As cloud computing and analytics bring unprecedented capability and power to the internet with a new generation of cloud solutions, there needs to be an easy way to build, integrate and deliver new solutions directly in to an open framework.

HR teams need to be able to benefit from the latest tools and technology by integrating the newest and best solutions to meet their needs. Business partners and Solution vendors should have an easy way to build and integrate their solutions with an open framework. The Kenexa Open UX toolkit uses well known, standardized technologies such as html5 css and javascript so there isn’t a steep learning curve. The result is that our customers can have a unified solution comprised of many vendors and the ability to extend it with new capabilities and features as needed. Our business partners and solution vendors can turn their ideas in to production ready solutions.

Open talent suite app integration

Thank you Kevin for the opportunity to publish as a guest here and I am looking forward to comments and feedback.

The Kenexa Open UX Toolkit Business Partner API set is already in beta and will launch shortly.  Please reach out to us today if you have a new, innovative solution that you would like to integrate. We are here to help.  Check out the IBM Social Business toolkit for building socially infused cloud based solutions and execute the solution in an innovative cloud environment. You can start exploring today by going to Bluemix to familiarize yourself with our digital innovation platform and the app dev framework.   IBM Bluemix IBM Bluemix