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Technology and Innovation in HR

Mobile devices and analytics are transforming the ways companies interact with their employees and employees with their companies. Mobile devices allow people to work from anywhere and keep up with information and tasks at an accelerated pace.

Analytics give workers new ways to assess their skills, develop new skills and find coworkers who can help on projects.  Analytics give employers new insights in to how to best  recruit, retain, develop and deploy workers productively.

As the leader of the Kenexa Smarter Workforce Engineering team at IBM, I have a chance to see,  evaluate and deploy a wide range of innovation from across IBM development and IBM Research labs.  I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn, discussing our plans and learning more about how these technologies can transform HR systems and work itself.

Join me in this process, meet some of my colleagues who will be guest bloggers, and see what I discover as I travel to visit our labs and customers around the world.

I look forward to your comments.

For more info on IBM Smarterworkforce and Kenexa: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/smarterworkforce/

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