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Hiring mistakes can be costly

Hiring mistakes can be costly in so many ways. According to recent a recent WorkTrends survey from Sheri Feinzig at the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute, many hiring mistakes are being made.

They asked 6,200 managers and HR professionals who have hired in the past two years: “if you had it to do over again, what percent of your new hires would you rehire?” On average, only 61% would be rehired. That means nearly four in ten hires were mistakes. The full post can be read here: Study: Don’t be fooled by the wrong metrics

Workforce analytics

-Kevin Cavanaugh

Predicting best fit for high value roles

Successfully engaging employees starts with hiring the right people that are the best fit for the job. It also means understanding how your best employees are doing their work and using that info to screen new people.

The IBM Talent Suite includes scientifically proven behavioral assessments that ensures candidates are well suited to the needs of the job by using analytics and workforce science to predict “best fit” for high value roles, and help people do meaningful work. Hiring the right people is not easy but better testing and tools are yielding some positive results with employers reporting better fit, lower attrition rates and happier teams.
The WSJ had a full page article on this on last week where our very own Jay Dorio talks a little about his work in this area:
WSJ: Today’s Personality Tests Raise the Bar for Job Seekers


IBM analytics helping the current and future workforce

On St. Patrick’s day, I had the pleasure of attending the Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI)  event in Washington DC. IBM has been deeply involved with the research community in Ireland. I was very proud that we were mentioned by the Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, in his lunch talk for the work we are doing at the INFANT Centre University College Cork.

Irish Prime Minister and team
Left to Right: Dr Anthony Morrisey (Centre Manager, INFANT).Prof Louise Kenny (Centre Director INFANT), An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. Robert McCarthy (Leader Business Development, Innovation & Operations IBM Ireland Lab) and Prof Mark Ferguson (Director General of Science Foundation Ireland).

Speaking at the lunch hosted by Science Foundation Ireland to celebrate scientific collaboration between Ireland and the United States An Taoiseach (Irish for Prime Minister), Enda Kenny TD, said, “I congratulate both IBM and the Infant Research Centre for collaborating on LEANBH. The project demonstrates the value of collaboration between industry and academia. LEANBH has the potential to have a global impact on the medical care offered to expectant mothers”.

This month we announced this collaboration between IBM Ireland and the INFANT Centre (Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research) at University College Cork (UCC). ‘LEANBH’ is a pilot research project providing remote healthcare monitoring to expectant mothers to improve the detection and treatment of hypertension and pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy complication that affects approximately 5% of all pregnancies. Hypertension, one indicator of pre-eclampsia, is more common in all expectant mothers.

The vision for LEANBH is to manage hypertension and pre-eclampsia care in the home using remote monitoring of the medical data of the at-risk expectant mothers. By doing so, the project aims to reduce the number of unnecessary follow-on hospital visits, lowering the additional stress and cost of visits to both the patients, and the healthcare system. LEANBH will focus on enabling faster responses and a higher quality of care through automated alerts to doctors. Whilst also improving data sharing among the healthcare team members and offering the ability to integrate with electronic healthcare records.

This is one of several collaborations between IBM Analytics and the INFANT Centre.

LEANBH will develop remote monitoring that will be combined with IBM predictive analytics and data modelling capability.

This is the same technology that our Kenexa Smarter Workforce products are using to analyze recruiting and workforce performance. It is gratifying to see our work make a difference not only to today’s workers, but to the youngest among us who will be the workers of tomorrow and support us in our retirement.