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IBM Talent Suite as a System of Engagement

The latest McKinsey quarterly study entitled “Digital hives: Creating a surge around change” discusses the benefits of using social technology to bring about meaningful change in an organization. Online communities are one proven approach to help companies engage with employees to accelerate change and the paper discussed several others. Given the way people work and communicate today in the professional and personal lives, social technology enables new opportunities to complement offline, real world events.

The IBM Talent Suite was designed from the bottom up for social. It incorporates IBM Connections, the leading enterprise social platform. This provides social capabilities to enable new hires, recruiters, managers and employees with tools to collaborate, communicate and problem solve.

As I talk to HR leaders they are often skittish about getting involved in the deployment of social tools. In some cases they have security or content management concerns. In others they think it is just not their job. They think need to wait on overall corporate decisions for the CIOs team to get going.

The beauty of social in a cloud based talent suite is you can use what you want and use it for the specific purposes that you think are important. You don’t have to make some long thought out corporate decision. You don’t have to solve every use case. You pick a place to start and get going. Different companies will choose different starting points.

For example:

Recruiters can tap existing employees and their networks to find people with the relevant career interests and expertise. This benefits not only the recruiters but employees can easily learn about career growth opportunities for themselves and can also recommend their peers inside the organization. Some organizations can start with social in this way.

New hires can benefit from social onboarding by connecting with their manager early in the process – as soon as an offer is accepted questions can be answered quickly and the employee can move through the process more easily. They also get some insight in to their team, colleagues and company culture so they can hit the ground running when they start. Some organizations find that this is the right place to begin.

But social can extend beyond new hires. Managers can work with their teams and peers more effectively with alerts about what is going on with their team, news when a new member is joining and better insight and awareness to everything going on that is relevant to the team and its mission. Many organizations will decide this is a great way to build engagement and to follow up on an engagement survey. Companies make significant investments in survey employees to judge engagement. Following up through social tools is a great way to get full value out of that investment.

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