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IBM Talent Insights: Behind the Scenes

Traditional Business Intelligence approaches have significant drawbacks. By the time an HR Analyst identifies desirable insights into data and IT has built the required ETL processes, data marts, and dashboards considerable time has been spent and the value of the insight may have been lost. The resulting dashboard may not even fully satisfy the original requirement or it may not have the flexibility to further explore data.

Business Intelligence (BI)  generally satisfies the scenario where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are required but does not allow users to explore or unearth all the data has to offer. Talent Insights is an evolution on BI, designed to empower users to get instant insights into data by asking questions or conversing with the data in natural language. Talent Insights also suggests statistically interesting visualizations to uncover insights from data that would traditionally have gone unnoticed and this is even based on the context of the data that a user is currently looking at. These evolutions on data analysis make it possible for the whole HR organization to delve into the realm normally reserved for the HR Analyst. As Talent Insights evolves we’re also introducing more functionality to bring data science and predictive analytics to a wider community. This will speed the identification of the best data and most interesting conclusions.

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How is it different from Watson Analytics?

While Talent Insights is built on Watson Analytics, its function is differentiated.  Kenexa’s wealth of experience in the HR domain further enhances the Watson Analytics experience. The cognitive experience is tailored for the HR domain, a customizable interface for defining frequently used questions is included and access control on datasets is provided. Talent Insights enables the HR Organization to provide data for the HR team for analysis without the constraints of a pre-built dashboard. However,  we  provide  templated input datasets to accelerate time to value for Applicant Tracking Systems and HRIS.  We’ll be adding templates for other systems like performance management, learning, and surveys in the future.

Users can still upload and work with their own data and join this with the data provided as part of Talent Insights for  deeper exploration.

This all sounds great, but surely the data still needs some processing?

Yes, this is true but to a lesser extent. Datasets do need to be prepared so that column names and data values are presented in a human-consumable form which generally means transforming internal database column names into a readable form so that they can be interpreted. Some consideration is also needed for the way data is structured and split into files. Talent Insights is then exceptionally good at resolving users’ questions to the appropriate dataset or datasets to answer the questions asked.

Talent Insights been available since November 204. Talk to your Kenexa sales or support contact  to see how you can begin to use this with your own data. See  Jonathan Ferrar’s discussions on Workforce science to learn more about how this fits in to your overall strategy.

You can also check out our latest video on Talent Insights.

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